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Jason Bartholomew
The Law of Attraction Mastermind


Dear Friend,

You are an Unlimited Being. You may not feel like it, but....

The absolute abundance of ‘All That Is’… awaits your command.

So, why don’t you have it?

Very simply, there are blocks in your mind. They were probably created at a VERY young age… perhaps, as early as the first few months after birth.

These money blocks act like an invisible DAM keeping away the financial abundance that constantly streams towards you like a steady, deep flowing and infinite river.

(But, not only financial abundance… love, health and peace as well.)

Were you to remove these blocks, this River of Abundance would wash over you and you’d always have more than enough. Without struggle. Without Effort.

You’d be free to do what you love and make so much money at it you’d be able to do it wherever you want, whenever you want.

The ‘work’ you’d do to get this money, wouldn’t feel like work at all… it’d feel like your very purpose. It would feel beautiful, wonderful and absolutely effortless.

It would be as if the entire Universe supported you in your purpose. People would appear, seemingly out of nowhere, to assist you in an attitude of grace and love. Circumstances would align, as if by magic, to make sure your endeavors are met with sweet success.

Even in a flurry of non-stop activity, you, the REAL you, would be resting in absolute calmness and peace, while things were getting done all around you.

You could decide to rest the body in some wondrous location with someone you truly love.

Does this sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

I remember when I dissolved my first major money block. It was shortly after my divorce. I went from seeing my 2 young daughters everyday… to seeing them only every other weekend.

For awhile I wondered if I’d be able to support them. I worried they wouldn’t have decent shoes to wear to school, and other children would make fun of them.

Luckily, a friend introduced me to Neville and while listening to one of his recordings and doing a simple exercise I felt a money block dissolve. I cried uncontrollably.

Shortly thereafter I increased my income 4 fold.

BUT, that is not the most important thing. The most important thing is I did it in a way that allowed me to spend as much time as I wanted with my daughters!

I spent every Friday playing with my youngest daughter all day long. It was while playing with her I realized the real purpose of children which I’ll explain a little more below.

And, take a look at the testimonials on this letter. They are people just like you. If THEY did it, so can you. I have received over 30 just like this in the last few months…

What they did, you can do as well.

You see, somewhere along the way you stopped believing. You began to disapprove of yourself, you became critical. Dreaming was replaced by the cynicism of “Reality.” And, things got steadily worse.....

It’s OK. It’s not your fault. It is all part of learning and growing and developing love.

DESTROY THE DAM and Witness the Abundance Flow

Destroying these blocks is actually not that hard. But, since they are in your mind they seem natural and “real” to you. Not only that, they are usually hidden in the dark caverns of your subconscious mind.

The hard part is seeing them...for what they are. That is why many who have attempted the Law of Attraction haven’t succeeded. They block that ever-flowing abundance. Remove them and abundance flows naturally, effortlessly.

But, someone else...someone who has been where you are, could help you see them AND destroy them. With each block that dissolves a little more abundance flows in. Dissolve another one and a little bit more flows in…

…and a little more…

…and a little more…

…until finally, the whole barrier crumbles under the weight of that deep and endless River of Abundance that is constantly flowing to you.

We can help you dissolve those blocks effortlessly and easily. We are the Law of Attraction Mastermind Mentors.

Each of us have already used these principles to achieve this deep Abundance. We are not famous. You would never pick us out in a crowd as anything extraordinary.

We move about quietly fulfilling our own desires and purposes with this all-pervading peace and rest that comes from knowing we are Limitless.

Twice monthly we’ll send you a short lesson. It may be audio, video or text. The lesson won’t be real long but it will have MEAT to it. Each lesson is designed to help you discover and dissolve blockages.

If you run into trouble we’re just an email away. You’ll be able to read and discuss each lesson with other members and the Mentors on the Mastermind Members-only blog.

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